Friday, September 09, 2011

Random thoughts

     The other day I read about some controversy going on with licenses when using a certain craft tool.  It made little sense to me and I'll refrain from going into details as it isn't related to knitting, but it did remind me that I had never talked about what I allow (or don't) on my patterns.
     I do not allow distribution (and or reproduction) of any of my patterns.  I do allow people to sell items made from my patterns, though.
     Let me make this very clear: I make profit from selling the patterns - not the items.  I don't think you will be competing with me by selling the finished items, as we'll be catering to different audiences: I sell patterns to people who can (and want to) knit, you sell items to people who can't (or don't want to) knit. ;)
     I might, eventually, sell the samples done to advertise (and/or illustrate) a pattern, but by the time I do so, the pattern itself will be available already and other people might already be knitting or listing the finished items.  No big deal.
     Do I charge a special fee so you can sell the items made from my patterns?  No.  Your skills, your yarn, your time = your profit.  This also applies to my free patterns.  I believe in spreading prosperity:  the more money is flowing around, the more chances I'll make sales on patterns.
     You don't need to contact me asking for permission, but I'd love to get a line from you telling me how your shop is doing.
     One final note, if you want to put together a kit with one of my patterns and your yarns, you'll have to get my permission first and I will not allow you to do so using free patterns.


     We're finally getting cooler days and I can no longer blame the weather on the lack of knitting.  In fact, I finished a felted messenger bag for Joel and a little rug with cables for the kitchen (pictures soon).  I've also started a pot holder which will have - gasp - color work and picked up the never ending shawl again.
     So, if I can't blame the temperatures anymore, why am I not talking much about knitting?  Ideas.  I've had a bunch of them - most not knitting related.  I need to do some organizing inside my head and around the house to be able to implement some of the ideas I had, but for now I just keep on talking about them...:P

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