Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Still blaming the weather

     For the lack of knitting content here and on Ravelry.  The ideas are slowly coming back and just yesterday I had an idea that almost got me to cast on for a new design.  Almost because it's a modular piece and to be quite frank, I don't care for modules that much as I lose interest after doing a few and the object itself never gets done.

     To be honest, though, I'm not knitting or creating new designs because there is something else I have to do - review my earlier designs and probably re-write them.  Thing is, I don't want to.  So, I keep on going in a loop: I think about starting a new design and remind myself I need to do the revision stuff, so I feel guilty and don't start anything new.  Since I don't want to mess with the old designs and am feeling bad about starting a new one, I do nothing...sigh.

     I am actively knitting something - another messenger bag for Joel.  It will be the third one I knit him.  He seems to think that since the bags are big enough to carry a copy of Websters, it's a challenge - and he'll fit the thickest books he can find in them (plus all the gadgets he finds useful - and they're heavy!).  I can felt those bags until I run out of hot water, there is no way the straps will last more than one year, so I'm knitting him yet another one.
     This time I'm knitting a bag all in the round, with as few joining points as I can get away with and very large straps.  Let's see how long it lasts.

     Knitting this bag gave me the idea of writing a series of posts talking about felting and how to substitute yarns and still get a finished item the same size as the one on any given pattern - and maybe even re-publishing a pattern for a bag I made a long time ago.

     The ideas are coming back, the weather is going to cool down (although we still have at least one more day of 100F coming), but the mood isn't there - yet.  I'll probably end up getting a short "vacation" away from the internet - sometimes it does a lot of good.

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