Wednesday, September 14, 2011

What I'm doing

     Last weekend there were two art fairs going on in town - despite the fact that Kansas' governor apparently want to exterminate all kinds of arts from the state.  On Saturday we went to the Haskell Indian Art Market, were we met one of Joel's best friends. 
     On Sunday, we walked across the street for the Fall Arts and Crafts Festival, where I bought some yummy alpaca fiber.  The fiber felt so soft, I had to start spinning it right away.  The first skein is hanging in the shower stall as I write this.  I still have another 4oz of the most amazing brown fiber in a bag, awaiting to be spun.  I'm thinking of turning it into some sock yarn, but I'm not sure yet.

     I'll try my best to remember to ask Joel to put the latest socks I knit him on so I can take some pictures and also take some photos of the bag I made him.

     Things are still quiet on the knitting front, with very little to report.  So far none of the ideas I had screams "knit me now!", so I'm calling this a vacation.  I'll try to organize my stuff better and see where it takes me.

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