Monday, October 18, 2010

It's cold. No! It's hot.

     When autumn officially began (September 22th?) we actually felt a difference in temperature, which I found odd, then it got warm again, then cold, then hot... 
     The first two years I was here fall went somewhat like this: hot (as in who left the door to hell open), a few days of turning and falling leaves (one week at most), then freezing (literally) cold.  Joel told me that this is the way it is, I was disappointed, but what could I do?
     Then, last year we had a real autumn, the temperature went down gradually, the trees kept their lovely colors for a long time, I had time to put my lacey knits away and knit the heavier stuff in time for Christmas; and Joel said this is normal for Kansas too...o_O
     This year, although fall began when it should, we've been switching from AC to heat almost on a daily basis, and Joel?  Still says it's normal.  Apparently when it comes to fall, anything goes around here.

     What does that have to do with knitting, you ask?  Well, it messes up with my knitting - big time.
     The first two years I was here, the temperature (and seasons) didn't affect my knitting because I was in a lace kick.  I knit lace for almost two years straight, I couldn't get enough.
     Like most phases, though, this one too kind of withered and I could finally pick up patterns other than lace.  I'm not saying I don't like lace anymore, just that I might have reached a more balanced place, where I can switch from a ethereal shawl to a cabled sock and still have pleasure from the knitting.

     Last year, like I said, the weather helped a bit with the transition from thin to thick yarns and although I managed to knit Luiza in the depth of winter, I also managed to work on two heavier garments, some mittens, socks and hats.
     This year, though, is making me crazy.  On the nice cooler days I get the urge to bring out the heavy yarn and knit a coat, or a blanket or...something cozy.  Then, on the next day the temperature goes up again and I just can't get myself to hold the yarn.
     So, here I stand, with the "normal" Kansas autumn (which basically means anything goes), picking up different weight yarns every other day and not really doing anything.

     This weekend I picked up the Fireside Sweater I've been knitting for myself since... a year, maybe?  I found out I lost my place and have no idea where I stopped, so I'll have to frog it :'(
I did manage to finish the Firelight shawl, but I have mixed feelings about it.  I couldn't get the logic behind the charts (my fault), which made for a very slow knitting.  I made some mods, as there were some details that would drive me crazy if I hadn't changed them and I didn't find a photo for the edging I chose.
I guide my knitting by charts and images and I couldn't do that with this one.  That and the fact that the designer tells you to refer to the written instructions when in doubt, threw me off.
     This shawl has a very interesting construction (which was the main reason I bought it) and it did teach me a few things - like to not use Zephyr needles with Zephyr yarn (hmmm...It didn't cross my mind that the needles and yarn had the same name up to now) unless you really like grabby needles.
     The elements this designer uses on this and other of her designs are very nice and (I think) original.

     Back to my weather rant, I guess I'll have to just bite the bullet and deal with the writing of patterns.  Between the "it's summer, it's winter" and a few messages from my awesome test knitters asking me when a new pattern will be available, I think I'm getting enough hints about what to do.

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  1. I feel your pain! The crazy weather changes mess with my knitting too! I can't wait to see a new design!