Monday, October 04, 2010

How I knit

     A few weeks ago ClaraBeasty on Ravelry asked me to send her a video of how I knit, at the time of her request I was unable to do so because I didn't have a camcorder.  I did get a (cheap) one and below is my first attempt at doing a video.  There is no sound and both the image and editing could be better - I apologize in advance for that.
     So, here is how I knit:



  1. This just makes me want to come and knit with you!

  2. Me too! Thank you so much for posting this, it is such a useful resource. -- Clarabeasty

  3. Whew! Looks normal to me!

    I never knitted using a chart -- and never did lace.

    Did, however, teach myself (via Internet help) how to do entrelac -- frogged a lot -- but enjoyed it all along the route -- made a baby blanket, not a scarf.

    In your opinion, would I be able to do your "Dianna"??? She's gorgeous! - just in case I don't find you again!

  4. Marny,

    Dianna is very simple and the chart is only 13 sts long (if I remember correctly). Since every block is the same as the ones before, it's easy to memorize.
    I recommend you do a sample square using heavy yarn and big needles to get used to the different sts.

    Good luck!