Friday, October 01, 2010

So many ideas, so little time

A few days ago I took the plunge and bought the Intwined Pattern Studio software for charting patterns.  I did it mainly because it would write out the charts for me (something I cannot do by hand - you'll understand when I post a video of me knitting).
I didn't have high hopes for this software.  I'd tried similar ones in the past and they just didn't click for me.  The only one I've tried and enjoyed was AranPaint Pro, which, albeit very nice for cables, has one major flaw IMO, it charts two rows at a time...
So, I bought Intwined, half expecting to have a huge learning curve ahead of me.  Boy, was I wrong!  I actually like the software and it's fairly easy to use.  There are a few features I'd like for it to have, all of them very specific.

Yesterday I tried my hand at creating a new stitch for it's library.  I did manage to do it, but the stitch is a little raw around the edges (literally).  The developer of Intwined advices people to use Inkscape (a free software) to "design" new stitches.  Because I like to be contrary (and because I have a long, frustrated story with similar softwares), I decided to use Photo Impact - which I happen to had fallen in love with since it's 4th version.  Like I said, it did work - kinda, sorta - because Photo Impact is a photo editing software, it shows every single detail very, very clearly;  which is fine and dandy when editing photos, but becomes a PITA when drawing such tiny images.  I'll give Inkscape another try today.

The side effect of having a software I actually enjoy using to write patterns is that it is now so much easier to put into a document the ideas that float around in my head, that I almost don't have time to knit said ideas.  I know this is just a phase - I call it the new toy syndrome.  I'll learn all I can about the software, push it's (and my) limits and then will settle down.  For now, I'm planning on getting as many ideas on "paper" (actually bytes) as I can and then work them out when the novelty wears out.

As far as PPaola goes, I don't think I'll use Intwined for it - I'm almost done with both the charting and the writing parts and if I decide to use the new toy, I'd have to start over again.  Once it gets to the test knitters' hands, I'll ask for their opinion about having a written option as well.

The picture at the beginning of this entry is of my backyard this morning.  Yeah!  Finally the heat is over!

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