Wednesday, August 03, 2011


...we've been living in the new(old) house for more than a month now and what have I done, you ask?  Almost nothing - that is, other than being bothered by the heat.

     I've been spinning - occasionally, knit a pair of socks for Joel (Francie), picked up the shawl I started a long time ago (from Wrapped in Lace) and did a bunch of trips from the apartment to the house, bringing the rest of our things.

     Last weekend we finally got rid of the apartment for good and it feels so good, despite the fact that there are still a huge amount of boxes all through the house.

     This absurd heat has pretty much paralyzed me, but despite of it we were able to get rid of  a lot of things that were...clogging our lives: old, falling apart, hand-me-downs, things that didn't work properly, gifts we never liked or used...It inspired me to do a little Feng Shui on some personal relations too.  All of it well over due.

     Today I managed to wash and block a doilie I did a few years ago and was waiting to be washed for a long, long time.  After I had it all pinned down I found two holes in it.  Oh, well...Guess I'll have to knit it again ;)  In case you're curious, this is it.

     One unexpected bonus with this house is the amount of animals that show up on our yards.  This one comes on weekends to enjoy the echinacea:

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