Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Not much knitting

    Two weeks ago today I packed up the cats and a few needed items and moved from the apartment to the house.  Life has been chaotic ever since and my head followed suit.
     There are so many things we need to do, so many things I want to do, that I find myself frozen, going into auto-mode, doing only the necessary to live (cooking, cleaning, doing laundry - exciting, ain't it?).

     My knitting took a back seat as I sat around, looking at the trims we need to paint, the floor that needs to be cleared of paint and dry wall stains, the garden that needs tending to.  It was a big surprise for me to go to bed last night and be assaulted by a new idea.  I have a commission to finish, some yarn I spun which I want to make socks from, the cotton Dorothy to knit and two designs to write down, yet, the new idea haunted, nah, nursed me to sleep last night.
     It was really odd, since usually new ideas pester me, keep me up.  I guess I longed for something new so bad, that a new idea was comforting to me.  I slept very well.

     I was without an internet connection (and TV) for a week, so, to keep me busy, I spun - a lot.  I spun a blue lace weight yarn that was sitting in the bin for almost 6 months, spun a purple roving that was in the same bin for more than a year (also lace weight) and almost a pound of brown fiber from The Sheep Shed, bought maybe two years ago.  The latter became a bunch of sock yarn.
     Isn't it funny how some fibers want to become this or the other?  The purple fiber, for example: when I picked it up last week, I was wondering why I hadn't spun it before.  As I put it through the wheel, the answer became clear - it wanted to become lace yarn, but I didn't have the skills before to spin as fine as the fiber wanted...
     The brown fiber?  It was meant to be sock yarn.  After I spun the fiber, I remembered that I had done it before and all the yarn produced with this fiber was sock yarn :P

     No pics today, sorry.  I want to finish this commission already so I can focus on other projects ( I see a lot of woodwork in my future).

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