Thursday, April 21, 2011


     If you came by yesterday, you might have noticed that I added a page to the blog.  It's still a WIP, but I hope to add content to it on the next few days.
     The idea is to gather information about each one of my designs in a single page (stuff like what kind of yarn, needles etc..).  I thought that since we're doing renovations to the house, I'd do some to my virtual house too.

     On other news, my two awesome test knitters finished knitting Dorothy and I'm hoping to release the pattern early next week.  I'll check and edit the files today (after I'm done procrastinating around here) and then send it to my also amazing tech editor.

     I've also knit another design since I needed something simpler after doing Dorothy.  Turns out, it wasn't as simple as I thought - mainly because I'm not used to the construction method.  So, it will eventually be knit again to get everything to work well together.  It will take a while until I get back to it, though, as I've started two other projects - a triangular shawl from the neck down and a circular one.

     Right now I'm in desperate need of at least another set of arms, another brain and a driver so I can do everything I need to do.  After knitting the two shawls OTN, I need to chart them, re-knit and chart the one already done so I can move on to the next three ideas that are keeping me up at night.  Oh, yeah, add to my list of needs more hours in the day. ;)
     On the bright side, if I manage to design/knit everything I want to, I'll be able to achieve my goals on the 11 shawls in 2011.

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