Tuesday, March 08, 2011


     Next month (April) we'll be celebrating two years of the Mawelucky Love group over at Ravelry.  As a thank you to all the wonderful people I met over there I've created (well...am creating) a new design which will be done as a KAL.
     The Birthday Pi is my gift to all the amazing folks who took a chance on me and were adventurous enough to try my patterns.

     I'd like to give each and every one of you a hug on the group's anniversary, but since that's is physically impossible, I thought I'd give the shawl a power of attorney to hug you whenever you wear it.
     To be able to hug you in April, the shawl needs to be done by then, so we need to start right now!  I chose to release the first clue on 03/14 (Pi day, and also a Monday - can you say serendipity??).

     The files will be available on Ravelry and if I figure out a way, also through this blog.

     The following is just an educated guess for now and I might need to change it in a few days,  you'll need 1200 to 1500yd of sock yarn (I'm using Franklin sock) and 4.5mm needles (more on this subject on 03/14).

     So...do you want to knit a Birthday pi???  Feel free to join us!

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