Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I want a coat

     It's not like I don't have enough coats - I do.  It's not that the ones I have aren't warm enough - they are (for the most part).  I want a coat, not any coat, but The Coat - the one I've been dreaming of, and perfecting in my head, ever since I began to have any interest in fashion and clothing.

     My perfect coat is long - mid calf,  pea coat, with vertical pockets, well fitted.  It has to be thick enough to keep me warm during the winter, but not so thick as to prevent me from moving freely.  And I want to knit it - not sew, not buy - knit.

     Because my perfect coat (TM) is long and knit, I need to carefully choose the stitch or the coat will grow due to weight.  I want a stitch that is fairly dense, but doesn't take me all eternity plus 6 months to knit.  I'm not sure I'll use cables yet.

     I want my perfect coat (TM) to be knit from the top down, with as little seaming as possible and I'll rely heavily on Knitting from the Top for help with the construction.  Traditional coats, like the one I have in mind, have set in sleeves, but raglan sleeves might work too.

     If other ideas don't stop me from doing it (and I remember to), I'll write posts here with my progress on the perfect coat - after the holidays are over and PPaola is published, that is.;)

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