Friday, November 12, 2010

To do (or not to do) list

     I've been busy working with a great group of test knitters, trying to get the pattern for PPaola ready to publish.  As the mistakes are corrected and less issues arises, my mind begins to drift towards other things I want/have to knit.

     I wanted to knit a pair of flip-top mittens for my BIL, like the ones I did for Joel last year and the FIL the year before.  I say wanted, past tense, because the SIL and MIL came up with some silly secret Santa where we have to give gifts that are traditional to some geographic area and tell the others about that tradition (sounds like school work, doesn't it?) - the giver chooses which tradition they want to follow.
  I'm leaning towards disregarding the silliness and doing it anyway.  If I think about it, most people who celebrate Christmas have a tradition of giving garments and in most places above the equator line it's very common to give winter items, is it not?

     I'm planning on knitting another set of flip-top mittens and a hat (if I manage the time well) to give to the UPS guy.  Just today I got some boxes sent through them and the poor guy was shivering...
     Then, there is the shawl I came up with a few weeks before starting the test knitting.  I've already knit one, using some handspun I had for a while (almost sport weight), but didn't like the edging (or lack thereof).  I have since, come up with some prospects for a good edging and now the shawl is screaming to be knit again - with cobweb no less!

     So far, very doable, but wait!  There is more.  There is this idea for a cabled stole that I'm too lazy (or too fed up) to chart, the Wonderful Wallaby I was knitting for the nephew (that I might frog and knit again in black - the one I was doing is white...sigh), the Fireside Jacket that I was knitting for myself and lost my place, which I'll frog and start again aaaaaaaaaaaand another idea that has been haunting me since Spring.
     I want to do a raglan sleeve, top down, in the round sweater for myself and I want to do it in brioche st.  I've played with the idea earlier in the year, but it was taking forever, so I frogged.  Today I saw the most amazing sweater on Ravelry and decided to give it another try.
     I know that for my idea to work, I'll have to take some serious measurements and swatch and that is what is holding me down - for now.

     I still need to finish the second PPaola I'm knitting, but am waiting for more yarn to be delivered.  There are a few other ideas for new patterns, but I think I'll wait until the holiday knitting is done (or when I get tired of fast ST st) to begin working on those.

     Now, if you excuse me, I'll go cast on for a hat ;)


  1. I've just been pondering my to do list today as well - I think I'll have to scale down somewhat or make more mitts or hats;) Would love to see this amazing sweater you've found on ravelry too as I'm edging towards actually getting round to knitting the fireside sweater over the holidays (after all the present making) - unless I find something even better before then!
    Speedy present knitting! xx

  2. Hi Elaine!

    I worked most of the weekend on a hat, but it is still too large...Last afternoon I finally gave up and started a mitten. I'm almost done with the first one :) Yay for fast knits!

    Fireside is gorgeous and I'll knit it again once the holiday season is over. As for the other sweater I mentioned it is Idlewood (sorry for the lack of link - I don't think they work on the comments).
    I find it amazing because it can be modified as much or as little as I want. It's beautiful in it's simplicity.