Thursday, September 09, 2010

Charting, writing and whatnot

I've created a little routine for my days.  It starts with me opening the back door and filling the food bowl (for the cats) and then sitting down with the laptop on my (duh!) lap to check emails and Ravelry.
Once I get to Ravelry, I first check my personal messages (if I have any), reply to the ones that need an answer and then check what my friends are up to.
Seeing what people are linking to/marking as favorites/doing fuels my own creativity and it's amazing how many things I end up finding interesting after seeing someone thought they were interesting...
Anyway, from there I check blog posts from my contact list.

This preamble was meant to explain how I ended up today in Amy's Rainbow's blog, laughing myself silly.  I'm in the very same situation...well, was, last week.  Those little squares in Excell do tend to become blurry after a while and no matter how hard you stare at them, the symbols don't magically appear on the monitor.

A few weeks ago, I mentioned on the Mawelucky group I'd been having dreams about writing the pattern for PPaola down.  It's a somewhat complicated pattern to explain and my subconscious tend to solve problems this way.  I'll literally dream solutions (amazingly enough, most do work out in real life).  The dreams don't mean I'm dreading the charting part (which I actually like), more likely than not, it means I'm beginning to see pattern writing as serious business, not just a hobby anymore.

I have most of the charts done already and now need to come up with proper ways to describe how to knit the stole.  I foresee a few more pattern writing dreams in my future ;).  I hope to have it written by the end of the month and then I'll begin looking for test knitters.

I'm working on a half-baked idea which I think will be finished tonight.  If it does work out, I'm planning on releasing it as a thank you for people who bought Luiza.


  1. I have a question on Gail, and can't seem to find a way to contact you. Very unusual.

    You say to start the first right side row with border stitches, and then 2YO, which you say to continue throughout. How do you handle that 2YO on the return row? Then on row 3, there is YO, K1, YO, and then the central yellow stitch (which I am assuming to be the 2YO?)... which means you will have FOUR YOs together. That just does not make sense. Then the stitch count is all off as well. Would you please clarify? I've done a lot of lace, but this one really has me stumped!

  2. Tallguy,

    I too find it very unusual that you couldn't find a way to contact me.
    Assuming you've downloaded the original pattern, it is only available through Ravelry or my blog. If you got it from Ravelry (and you're a member), you can contact me there by clicking on my name and then on the "send a message" button.
    If you got the pattern through my blog...isn't leaving a comment a means to contact me?

    Now, if you got the pattern elsewhere, there is a chance you got a "mod" from someone who didn't give me the proper credit; but then, you wouldn't know I was the creator of this pattern...

    In the almost two years that patterns is available you're the first person who contacted me to say you cannot find a way to contact me. Very odd, indeed.

    Regarding your question, from the pattern:
    "On the next RS row (first row on the chart) you will do:
    2st (border),2YO, 2st (border)
    Keep working following the first chart until the desired length."
    It doesn't say to continue throughout - this is the whole first row of the chart. What I said is to follow the chart from there on.
    The chart does show this first row too.
    The yellow column isn't the central stitch, as there is none. It's a guide line in case you want to glue the left and right sides of the pattern together.

    Double YO's can be worked as a P1,K1 or K1,P1 or even as a P1,P through back loop.

    I'm leaving this message here as blogger doesn't give me the option of sending you a private message. I hope you see it.