Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Yet another design

The problem with new ideas is that they pop up at the most inconvenient times - like in the middle of another design, when I'm trying to figure out a good edging...

This is how Mari came to be.  I needed something to distract me while waiting for a good idea(TM) to slap me in the face; so I went digging inside one of my yarn bins and came out with this "swatch" I've knit a long, long time ago.
I became, once again, obsessed with that particular stitch pattern and had to use it somehow (I've already written about this here).  Around the same time, some talk came about on Ravelry with the idea of doing lace with cables.

Here was I, in the middle of knitting PPaola, struggling to have a light bulb moment regarding the edging, so I could finish it already and work on writing the pattern, when this shiny new idea popped into my head and began saying "Knit me!".
I tried to remain loyal to PPaola, I truly did, but the new idea was persistent, would keep me awake in the night.  When it began screaming to be knit, I had no choice...
Mari     Oddly enough, I had the same problem with the edging as I did with PPaola...  In the end, due to lack of yarn and a good idea, I just did a simple bind off.  It doesn't look so good on the photos here (my photographic mojo seems to be gone), but it turned out to be a cute, little ruffled kind of edge.
Mari     I used 100g of yarn (standard size for a sock yarn skein) and although the piece did stretched out a lot with blocking, it is still only a shawlette.  I plan on knitting this one again, using way more yarn the next time, so I can play a little bit with the way this one ends.  You can see the specs for Mari here.
I'm not going to write the pattern for this one before knitting it again, and this might take some time.  First I have to deal with the 3 other ideas that are starting to get louder and write the pattern for PPaola (and Linda - sigh).

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