Tuesday, August 03, 2010

There and back again

Last weekend I went to my first fiber festival (in Kellyville,OK).  Albeit small, this fiber fest was chock full with fiber goodness and I just had to bring somethings back home with me ;).

I got some fiber to spin, of course - Shetland, BFL, a few ounces of an alpaca/bamboo mix, some firestar, latte and tencel.  My goal was to buy un-dyed fiber, but some of what they had had such beautiful colors, I couldn't resist.

My shopping spree didn't stop there.  I also got some amazing dyes - browns (which I didn't have any of), greens (because the one I have was too light for my taste), black and grey.  There was a vendor with natural dyes, so I got some madder and logwood to try out.

I'm probably good for the next two years, as far as fibers and dyes go, but there was this one yarn that I couldn't resist - sockweight, cashmere blend, with the most amazing fall colors.  Now, I have to come up with a pattern for it.

With so many cool new toys, I couldn't wait to get back home and try them out.  One of the alpaca rovings is already on the wheel.
The trip back took us some 5 hours and was uneventful, aside from the armadillo we saw (I think it was a stuffed one), and as soon as I got some rest, I started playing with the dyes.  By Sunday I had a 4 oz roving of superwash dyed in fall colors, 2 oz of silk in a deep shade of grey and another 2 oz of mohair is a very nice silvery grey.  I'll put them in the shop later this week.

Funny how in a short period of time I went from not having (as in not wanting to do) anything to do to way too much stuff to play with.

For now, I'm counting on your imagination.  I will, eventually post photos of my adventure.

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