Wednesday, July 28, 2010


I thought I had my brains figured out, but even I was surprised by my latest idea.  How I got to it is beyond me...:P

I've been faithfully avoiding to work on Linda by knitting on Paola, but I got bored with it and there were a few ideas screaming to be put in yarn.

I tried, again, to cast on for this modular knitting I'm thinking of, but never got past joining in the round.  The reason?  That "net" stitch I talked about a few posts ago.

Two days ago, I sat down with needles and yarn on hand, began casting on for a 'knit in the round from the outside in' hexagon and stopped short of a bunch of stitches.  It was like my hands had a mind of their own and they began creating (yet) another triangular shawl.

I'm enjoying this new knitting very much and am probably halfway done, although I know I'll slow down since I haven't figured out a good edging for it.

Edgings - the things that keep me going when the knitting gets boring and the reason why I stopped knitting Paola...So, like I said in the beginning of this post, I got an idea a few moments ago that surprised me.  I thought I wasn't thinking about Paola, because I'm so into the new design right now - trying to come up with a good edging for it.
I was browsing Ravelry, looking at what my friends had marked as favorites, when out of the blue the idea for an edging for Paola popped up in my head.  If it works in real life it will make an awesome edging that goes perfectly together with the stole.

I guess my new design will be put on hold for a while...

P.S.:  Sibilum, Hobbes is a cat - we don't have enough room for a dog :(  He's a funny, clumbsy cat in many way, but an amazing hunter - most of the stuff he brings home is unharmed.  The first rabbit he brought home had two huge cuts, though.
And Dorothy, you're the best!  Thank you so much.

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