Thursday, July 22, 2010

I think my brain is finally back on

Or so I hope.

I rely heavily on the internet for inspirations and I have to say that for the last few months most of the things I've seen are luke-warm at best.
Mind you, I'm not saying the things I've seen are ugly, but they are...obvious(?).  "Been there, done that" kind of projects, nice stitch patterns used in such a way that if I tried to knit I'd poke my eyes out with the needles out of boredom - or kill someone (not good).

Yesterday I was browsing the new patterns and my friends favorites, like I do every time I log in, out of routine, when this showed up.  My first thought, when seeing the thumbnail was "interesting...Too bad it's color work, but I'll check it out anyway".
When I got to the project page I was blown away by it!  This scarf is one of the most intelligent uses of empty spaces I've seen in a looooooooooooong time.
With no envy or jealousy involved I can honestly say that I wish I had designed that.
As I looked at that project (can't wait until it gets published - I'll be the first to buy it), like magic - or a cork being removed from a hole in a dam, my creativity started flowing again.  Thank you Jeri Lea!

I also found a few other projects that gave me some ideas I might use in the future, amazingly, the majority is crochet.  (No, I won't start doing crochet patterns ;P).

Anyway, the things I saw yesterday were enough to get me going again.  I picked up Paola - a new stole design I'm knitting on and off (more off than on) and am set to finish it already so I can start with the new ideas I have in mind.

On a side note I'd like to say a big thank you to my awesome test knitters who are patiently waiting for me to finish the files for Linda.  You guys rock!

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