Monday, June 14, 2010

Once every 4 years I take a break from life.  I stop everything I'm doing and watch the games.  I grew up watching it because that was what we're supposed to do, but as I grew older I realized I like the game - I like the strategy, the skills involved and if everything else is sub-par, there are always the legs ;).

In case anyone is wondering if my silence is due to a new design, sickness or accident, it's not.  I'm just watching the cup.  I can't knit while watching the various games, so I spin.  Hopefully the matches will be good enough I'll have to learn how to spin not looking at my hands.

I've "taught" myself to listen to matches, but I'm having a hard time with the British narrators.  The accent isn't such a big deal, but the way they narrate the game is - way too much commentary, way too little narration.  For some reason I'm not able to listen to internet radio here, so I have to spin without looking at it.  Luckily some gorgeous roving from the gnomespun arrived last weekend and I'm having a great time spinning it.

Sorry for the pic, but I couldn't wait to start spinning this, so I didn't take a photo of the lovely braid...This is Dorset top in a color scheme called pheasant.  It's my first time spinning this type of fiber and I really like it.  I'm getting very fine singles and am hoping I can come up with a new design to make the colors justice.

For now, I'm just enjoying seeing the colors of the different teams twist past my fingers.

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  1. Enjoy the Cup!!! (And good luck spinning without looking.)