Wednesday, May 05, 2010


I'll spend a little less time online on the following weeks to work on my new pattern Linda. If things go as planned, I'll have the pattern available in a month or so. That is, if my wonderful, talented husband stops gifting me new toys.

Yesterday he surprised me with one of those "just because" gifts. He got me a drum carder! A DRUM CARDER! How awesome is that?
My head is spinning with ideas on what fibers to mix, new colors, rovings...I have to wait, though, as I need to write Linda down.

A few days ago, we also got another fun toy - an electronic cutter, that I've been avoiding like the plague because I know if I sit down to play with it, I'll get six months sucked out of my life. I also have "great plans" for that and maybe will start another blog (and another shop and another...).

My Etsy shop is almost empty and I'm thinking I could re-stock it by dyeing some rovings when the writting gets to me.
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  1. Hooray for Joel! Enjoy your new toy!

  2. Linda is so gorgeous. Can't wait to start - k.