Thursday, May 19, 2011

Random news

     Blogger had a major hiccup on Friday the 13th.  Many people (temporarily) lost posts.  I don't think I've lost any, but did lose comments.  If you don't see your comment here, it's because it got lost during whatever happened to blogger - I didn't delete it.

     I've started spinning again :D.  I had some red/black singles on my wheel for so long it was getting dusty.  The other day I was directed to a spinning discussion and the need to spin hit me.  I went back to the wheel (poor thing has been giving me sad looks for so long...feeling abandoned), finished spinning the fiber, plied it and started to spin the batt of fibery goodness I had in a bag since last year.
     There is someone who is very dear to me who is going to get the yarn I'm spinning right now.  I put together all kinds of soft, shiny, beautiful fibers I had into a gorgeous blue batt: mohair,silk,merino and some angelina for bling.  It's a pleasure to spin.

     It's been a cold, wet week around here.  I need to go grocery shopping, but don't want to leave the house.  I want to sit by the wheel and spin some more.  I also want to knit on the shawl I found the other day on Ravelry:  My heaven.  Am I crazy to also want to spin some yarn for a new Dorothy I'll be knitting on the KAL?  Oh, yeah!  I also want to paint at least the front porch floor this weekend.

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