Wednesday, April 27, 2011


I have two new designs on the needles right now - a triangular shawl from the neck down and a circular one. I also have one finished new idea that needs to be written down. All three of them use the same design element, used in different ways and I'm having a lot of fun creating them.
I needed to stop working on those new designs because I got another commission to knit a sample :). I can't go into details, but it's a cute, fast knit and I'm almost done.

The biggest WIP at the moment is the house. Joel finished all the kitchen cabinets and I painted almost all of them (which gave me white hairs - from the paint). The construction crew is fantastic and are working very fast. We can walk in the kitchen and bathroom area without fears of falling through the floor and when we left on Monday, the electrician was installing lights in the basement.
When we were discussing lights and outlets position in the basement I got the funniest looks from the crew. I kept on telling them I needed this or that because I'll be dyeing in there. Every time I said that, they would look away from me and change subjects really fast :P.

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