Thursday, April 15, 2010

Long post

:P I've been meaning to post for some time now, but time just flew by and I did nothing...

So, I finally finished Luiza in 20/2 yarn. It took me forever to finish, there are 22 repeats. If I were to do it again (won’t!) I’d go with 3.5mm 3.00mm needles .
ETA: After writting this , I tried the same yarn with 3.5mm and didn't like the result. I think a 3.00mm would work better. I don't know what is going on...I'm usually quite good at finding which size needles goes well with a yarn, but this one is beating me into a pulp.

Luiza 3 I used some 700 yds of yarn (Jaggerspun Heather) and the finished shawl weights 55g (2 oz). This yarn blocks beautifully and isn't too fuzzy. The fact that it comes in cones is always a plus ;)
Do not, I repeat, do not use the same size needles I did. When I took the shawl out of the washer (spinning cycle) it was so small it would only fit a doll.

With this behind me, I can focus on other, new things. I'm back to spinning and dyeing again, although at this moment I have nothing to show (maybe in a few days). One of my handspun was lost in the mail and I spent the last week or so dyeing more roving and spinning yarn so I can replace it. I ended up doing two skeins and am just waiting for them to dry so I can send pics to the buyer.

I'm also doing a test knit for Linda Choo - LindaCC on Ravelry. The name of the pattern is Clematis Stole and you can see two versions of it here and here. This pattern offer a choice of two different borders, two different bodies and the option to choose between nupps or beads.

On the design front, I'm working on a stole design. So far I've cast on...oh...I don't know...maybe 4 times. I get the center almost done, then find something that is off and frog. I've changed the yarn, the needles, the color, the position of elements...sigh. I'll get it done, though. I have to, since there are 3 other ideas floating around in my head, one of which I've already dyed the roving for.


  1. The shawl looks gorgeous! I can't wait to see your stole design! :)

  2. Your shawl looks stunning - taken note to use 3.5mm needles!